Zhou Zimo

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Her skin was as fair as snow, and her phoenix-like eyes sparkled as if with starlight. She had an oval face, with a fair neck that one would expect to see on a statue.


Zhou Zimo is a powerful Deva from the Wildlands and the daughter of Giant Ghost King. She really hated him at first.

She tried to kill Bai Xiaochun early on.

She placed Bai Xiaochun to 1st place on the Wildlands’ Execution List (Chapter-532) with a reward of 5 deva beast soul. After he won the trial by fire and took the deva soul and managed to escape alive, she increased the reward to 5 deva beast soul and 1 deva soul (Chapter-563).

However, during the time when she and Bai Xiaochun were being chased by the Gongsun Wan'er, he saved her instead of running away alone and in the process of doing so, he revealed part of his identity by using techniques that is related him, causing her to doubt 'Bai Hao' and having mixed feelings about it.

When Bai Xiaochun was leaving Wildlands, she showed up in his path, demanding an explanation of the complication of their relationship. In the process, they 'fought' and out of rage together with the anxiety Bai Xiaochun showed when she took the Aphrodisiac Pill, she crushed it and they ended up doing the deed.

After the Heavenspan realm was destroyed, she ended up in the Emperor-Vile Dynasty.

After many years, she reached the Demigod realm.

She is even more beautiful than Chen Manyao

She's the first woman with whom Bai Xiaochun had intercourse (ch.853)

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