Necromancer from a wealthy clan. Initially encountered Bai Xiaochun in the labyrinth where he lost most of his treasures to him. He ended up getting teleported near Lord Bai who sealed his cultivation base and turned him into his follower. Later it was shown that he became aware of that Bai Hao is Bai Xiaochun, but had chosen to stick with him because he was tempted by the benefits that came with following Lord Bai, he went as far to kill Li Feng and the savage tribe he first met after coming out of the labyrinth to cover all possible traces on his own accord. Before Bai Xiaochun left Wildlands for River-Defying Sect, his told Bai Hao (Successor of Hell-Emperor) to accept him as a follower, to which he accepted.

Your comeuppance is at hand, Bai Xiaochun!

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