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Xu Baocai is an Outer Sect Disciple of the Fragrant Cloud Peak of the Spirit Stream Sect.


He was described as a sallow-faced gaunt young man.[1]


He is an intelligent, insightful person who knows when to advance and retreat. A dilligent and patient person who has great social skills. He takes his profession of gathering intelligence quite seriously and proves to be really good at it.

"He seemed to be in the know regarding just about everything that occurred on the south bank of the Spirit Stream Sect. He knew about the big events and the inconsequential matters, and had even heard about things that were supposed to be big secrets."[2]

He carries a small note book in which he records any new information he gathers.


He employed himself as a servant for the Spirit Stream Sect living a hard life, saving his meager wage of spirit stones for 7 years and finally managed to bribe the honor guard into getting him a spot in the Ovens which was lost due to the unintended interference of Li Qinghou in recomending Bai Xiaochun to the Ovens.[3]

It appears that he has some good connections in the sect.


He was infuriated to find that he had lost his spot at the Ovens to the newly arrived Bai Xiaochun and went as far as to write a blood notice (life or death match) in which he had written the character 杀 (die) with his own blood numerous times.

Here is the would be battle described by Bai Xiaochun:

“Xu Baocai is a consummate Chosen among the servants of the Spirit Stream Sect, matchlessly vicious, and famous far and wide. His cultivation base is even in the terrifying second level of Qi Condensation. However, my cultivation base is also in the second level of Qi Condensation. A fight between us will be an even match. It will likely be a fight talked about in all the lands, a battle that will shake the entire sect. However, it must be fought, no matter how much blood and gore flows, no matter how many bones are shattered and tendons...[4]

He became an Outer Sect Disciple after the Outer Sect Minor Competition. He was at the 3rd level of Qi Condensation.[5]

Followed Bai Xiaochun into the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect as one of his dao protectors.

Greatly assisted with building up the Azure Dragon Society and was one of the last of Bai Xiaochun's dao protectors to move up to the rainbows.

Was later kidnapped by an elder of the deva lead Li clan for one year and subsequently rescued upon Bai Xiaochun's return to the sect. [1]