Undying Live Forever Technique

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Undying Live Forever Technique is a mysterious technique that consists in two codexes: The Undying Codex, that breaks through the five shackles of mortality, and the Live Forever Codex, that unravels the five seals of eternity.

Undying Codex

The first codex of the Undying Live Forever Technique. It consists in five volumes. After each volume is cultivated to great accomplishment the cultivator will make contact with a shackle of mortality, if one can break through the shackle or not will depend on one's good fortune.

  • Undying Skin - The key point is Defense. Secret Skill: Throat Crushing Grasp
    • Iron Skin
    • Bronze Skin
    • Silver Skin
    • Gold Skin
  • Undying Heavenly King - The key point is Strength. Secret Skill: Mountain Shaking Bash
    • Ten Mammoths Berserk Ghost Body
    • Ten Berserk Ghost Body
    • Ten Heavenly Demon Body
    • Ten Demons Asura Body
    • Undying Heavenly King Body
  • Undying Tendons - The key point is Speed. Secret Skill: Undying Hex
    • Undying Legs
    • Undying Arms
    • Undying Torso
    • Undying Head

Grow the tendons by one portion, extend longevity by ten years!

  • Undying Bones - Fusion of Defense and Strength. Secret Skill: Undying Emperor's Fist
    • Tempered Bones
    • Powered Bones
    • Heavenly Bones
    • Undying Bones

The resilience of power comes from the bones, and can support limitless strength!

  • Undying Blood - The key point is Regeneration + Adds strength, defence & speed. Secret Skill: Godkiller

Blood is the ultimate foundation of the physical body!

The power of the five yin organs came from the five elements. Created by the Arch-Ancestor.

  • Undying Organs - The key point is the Five Elements. Secret Skill: Five Yin Organs Secret Magic

Live Forever Codex

The second codex of the Undying Live Forever Technique. It consists in five volumes.

  • Live Forever Foundation Establishment
  • Live Forever Core
  • Live Forever Nascent Soul
  • Live Forever Deva
  • Live Forever Demigod

Daoist Magic

  • One Glance Abyss Crystallization
  • Heavenly Canopy Lampshade
  • Boundless Longevity, Endless Life
  • Thou Art The Candle

Time Immemorial Codex

The Third codex of the Undying Live Forever Technique which Bai Xiaochun created after becoming Celestial.

The goal of this codex is to let the Dao Seed to germinate and bloom into a flower of Dao Will.

It is divided in three levels, once all three reaches great accomplishment one can breakthrough to Archaean realm.

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