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The Undying Live Forever Technique is a cultivation technique belonging to the Arch-Emperor Dynasty. Before the beginning of the story the Heavenspan Daoist rebelled against the Arch-Emperor Dynasty and stole the Live Forever Codex.

After Bai Xiaochun became a Celestial he created a new codex called Everlasting Codex, renaming the technique as Undying Live Forever Time Immemorial Technique.

The Original Two Codexes

The original codexes of the technique are the Undying Codex (不死功) and the Live Forever Codex (长生功). They are the inheritance left by the Arch-Emperor to his descendants. By cultivating in both codex to great accomplishment one can breakthrough to Mahayana realm and become a true Celestial.

Undying Codex

Is the ultimate body tempering cultivation technique of the Heavenspan World. It is divided in 5 volumes. After each volume is cultivated to great accomplishment the cultivator will make contact with a shackle of mortality, if one can breakthrough the shackle or not will depend on one's good fortune.

  • Undying Skin - The key point is Defense. Secret Skill: Throat Crushing Grasp
    • Iron Skin
    • Bronse Skin
    • Silver Skin
    • Gold Skin
  • Undying Heavenly King - The key point is Strength. Secret Skill: Mountain Shaking Bash
    • Ten Mammoths Berserk Ghost Body
    • Ten Ghosts Heavenly Demon Body
    • Ten Demons Asura Body
    • Undying Heavenly King Body
  • Undying Tendons - The Key point is Speed. Secret Skill: Undying Hex
    • Undying Legs
    • Undying Arms
    • Undying Torso
    • Undying Head
  • Undying Bones - Fusion of Defense and Strength. Secret Skill: Undying Emperor's Fist
    • Tempered Bones
    • Powered Bones
    • Heavenly Bones
    • Undying Bones
  • Undying Blood - The key point is Regeneration. Secret Skill: God Slaying
    • 1%-100%
  • Unknown 6th Volume (Undying Organs) - Used by the Gravekeeper, later used by Bai Xiaochun. Secret Skill: Five Yin Organs Secret Magic.

Live Forever Codex

Is the ultimate true qi cultivation technique of the Heavenspan World. It is divided in 5 volumes. Each volume is related to one cultivation realm, spanning from Foundation Establishment to Demigod. The result of cultivating this technique is having a cultivation base stronger than the same realm Heaven-Dao cultivator.

  • Live Forever Foundation Establishment
  • Live Forever Core
  • Live Forever Nascent Soul
  • Live Forever Deva
  • Live Forever Demigod


By finishing the Undying Codex to the Great Circle of Undying Blood, the cultivator can start practicing the Live-Forever Codex. Once he reaches Live-Forever God, the two codex will resonate and combine. If they are successfully fused together the cultivator can be considered the true inheritor of the Arch-Emperor Dynasty's Undying Live-Forever Technique and will be called Arch-Ancestor.

The only one to have fulfilled the requirements was Arch-Ancestor Bai Xiaochun.

Bai Xiaochun's Codexes

The original two codexes of the Undying Live Forever Technique paves the way to Mahayana. However once one becomes a Heavenly Lord one must follow a self-created path. Because of that, Bai Xiaochun must create one new codex for each big realm starting from Mahayana.

The first codex created by him is the Everlasting Codex (亘古卷), thus renaming the Undying Live Forever Technique as Undying Live Forever Everlasting Technique.

Time Immemorial Codex

The third codex of the technique, created by Bai Xiaochun after reaching Mahayana as his self-created path towards Archaean realm. The goal of this codex is to let the Dao Seed to germinate and bloom into a flower of Dao Will.

It is divided in three levels, once all three reaches great accomplishment one can breakthrough to Archaean realm.


  • The Undying Live Forever Technique is directly linked to the Dao of Time. The Undying Codex represents regeneration and restoration, and the Live Forever Codex represents longevity. Bai Xiaochun's third codex, the Time Immemorial Codex, represents past, present and future.