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Everything up to this point was for the Former Will, but now that the Daoseed has sprouted, the time has come for the Present Will!
Bai Xiaochun
on Chapter 1142

The Sutra of Present Life and Death is a Daoist Magic created by Bai Xiaochun, and is the second level of the Time Immemorial Codex.


The Dao Essences of sovereign cultivators sure live up to their reputation. This is only a scrap of one, and yet I was able to use it to fuel the auguries of my Present Will. It even contains some of the meaning of life and death within it. This is my second powerful divine ability!
Bai Xiaochun
on Chapter 1143

Gate of Death:

Its an enormous stone gate,black in color and awe-inspiring in appearance. Countless carvings of vicious ghosts covered its surface, as well as a marionette that was clearly the very same strange entity Bai Xiaochun had seen in Murknine County. There was also the head of a dead old man carved right in the middle of the gate. Considering the profound aura of death that this gate emanated, it obviously represented death!

The evil ghosts that festooned it were various terrifying ghostly creatures that Bai Xiaochun had encountered throughout his life. As for the face of the old man, he had been formed by the Dao Essence of Life and Death, and was the ultimate representation of death!

Gate of Life:

This gate was white, and was festooned with all sorts of plants and vegetation that Bai Xiaochun had seen in his life, which represented life force, vitality, and that which flourishes. In the middle of the white gate was a carving of the face of a newborn child! Anyone who looked at that face would suddenly hear the cry of a baby.


Bai Xiaochun’s Sutra of Present Life and Death creates two stone gates, one for death, and one for life. He would stand in front of the Gate of Death, and would force his opponents to approach him from the direction of the Gate of Life. Their approach to him signified their approach to death, in which they grew weaker with every step. Because it also contained the Dao of Time, it was even more powerful. Anyone who approached him from the Gate of Life would grow older and older, just like a sun descending into evening![1]