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The Spirit Stream Sect is a middle class sect which is located in the Eastwood Continent on the lower branch of the Heavenspan River, and was divided between the northern and southern banks. Its history stretched back countless years, and is very famous in the area.

Eight enormous cloud-wreathed mountains towered over the Heavenspan River. Four of those mountains were located on the north bank of the river, whereas three were on the south bank. Mount Daoseed stretched across the entire river like a bridge, connecting the seven mountain peaks of the south and north banks. 


Although the Spirit Stream Sect was technically in the Lower Reaches, even that position had allowed them to stand strong and tall for ten thousand years.The Spirit Stream Sect had previously been located in the delta region. But then an extraordinary patriarch had appeared among the countless sects and cultivator clans there. After distinguishing himself in intense fighting, he gained the approval of a higher ranking sect, and thus earned the qualifications to establish his own sect in the Lower Reaches.[1]

Mountain Peaks

Middle Peak

Mount Daoseed

South Bank

Fragrant Cloud Peak

Excels in concocting spirit medicines[2]

10,000 Snakes Valley located behind the peak[3], Medicine Concocting Pavilion was on the east side[4] while Journeyman Apothecary Hall located on the south face of Fragrant Cloud Peak[5] and Scripture Pavilion was on the west face[6]. 10,000 Medicines Pavilion[2]

Green Crest Peak

Known for its sword cultivators[2]

Violet Cauldron Peak

Known for their spirit refinement techniques[2]

Spirit Enhancement Hall[7]

North Bank

Each peak followed by their guardian Beasts.

  • Sunset Peak
    • Blue-eyed Nethermoon Ape[8]
    • Three-eyed Raven
  • Archway Peak
    • Giant Lizard
  • Irispetal Peak
    • Seven-colored Phoenix
  • Ghostfang Peak
    • Mountain Ghost


The Spirit Stream sect has a total of five patriarch.

  • Founding as well as First Generation Patriach Frigidsect
    • Sect's founding Patriarch also known as Patriarch Spirit Stream[9].
  • Li Zimo - the Third generation Patriarch[10]
    • A blurry figure who appears as a middle-aged man in a white robe, completely devoid of any aura whatsoever.
  • Patriarch Iron Wood - Li Qinghou's Master[11]
    • An old man emerged out of thin air. He had long white hair, and wore a flowing blue robe.His face was ruddy, and on his forehead was a red, finger-nail sized birthmark. Despite his white hair, his face wasn’t very wrinkled, and his eyes shone with a piercing light. Clutched in his right hand was a four-colored jade pendant that glowed with dazzling light. Even more shocking was the murderous aura which surrounded him, making him seem less like an old man and more like an ancient wild beast!
  • Patriarch Red Moon[12]
    • He looked like a young man, but his eyes radiated something profoundly ancient.
  • Patriarch Heavenwing[13]
    • Was one of the few who successfully cultivated Waterswamp Kingdom. He formed a domineering Heavenwing Gargoyle as his life essence spirit which was said to be shockingly powerful.

Sect master

Peak Lords

Southern Bank

Northern Bank

  • surnamed Wu - Ghostfang Peak
  • Middle-aged man (unnamed) - Sunset Peak
  • Old man (unnamed) - Archway Peak
  • Old Woman (unnamed) - Irispetal Peak

Known Elders

  • Elder Zhou (belongs to Fragrant Cloud Peak)
  • Elder Sun[15]
    • An emaciated old man who had swarthy skin, but his eyes shone brightly, and he seemed like a very strict person.
  • Elder Xu[5]
    • An old man who had a full head of white hair, and piercing eyes. Presides over test for promotion from apprentice apothecary to journeyman apothecary. At a point was tasked to keep an eye on Bai Xiaochun when Li Qinghou was away from the Mountain. He leads the Inner Sect on Fragrant Cloud Peak too[16].

Sect Cultivation Technique

In the Spirit Stream Sect, the south bank used magic to control inanimate objects, while the north bank controlled living beasts[17].

The introductory art for Southern Bank disciples was the the Violet Qi Cauldron Control Art.

Violet Qi Cauldron Control Art.[18]

It was divided into ten levels, each of which corresponded to the ten levels of Qi Condensation. By practicing cultivation to a given level, it was possible to exercise control over physical objects. After reaching the third level, you could control half of a small cauldron. At the sixth level, it became half of a large cauldron. At the ninth level, it was a full cauldron. As for the final full circle, you could actually control two full cauldrons.

Servants were given a scroll with the first three pictures corresponding to the first three levels of Qi Condensation[18]

Newly promoted Outer Sect Disciples can take a copy of the first eight levels of the Violet Qi Cauldron Control Art at the Scripture Pavilion[6]

The introductory art for North Bank disciples was the Heavenspan Elephant Control Art.[17]

Heavenspan Shamanic Control Incantation[19]

Top Ten Cultivation Techniques

Waterswamp Kingdom

Ghosts Haunt the Night

Magic Plant Arsenal [13]

Arcane Gravitational Repulsion[13]

Sunset Incantation[20]

True Self Sword[21]

Plant Transformation Incantation[22]

  • It was a unique magic that used plants against the enemy, with numerous variations that made it enigmatic and unpredictable. When Li Qinghou used it, he could create a world of plants and vegetation 50 kilometers wide. The final upgraded version of the secret magic had another name... Magic Plant Arsenal[22]

Other Cultivation Techniques

Dragon Mammoth Sea-Forming Scripture (a utility technique)

This technique was created by the sect's founding Patriarch.

Creates a matchless foundation. The fleshly body would have the strength of dragons and mammoths. Spiritual power would form a huge sea. Once one reached Foundation Establishment, can learn just about any divine ability, without worrying about an incompatibility problem.[9]

[Sever Heaven and Earth, Waterflame Theorem, Nine Heavens Earth Destruction Incantation][16]

Flame Dao technique[6]

Reserve Powers of the Sect

Ninth Mountain Peak[23] holds Spirit Stream Pocket Realm where the most profound of the Spirit Stream Sect’s reserve powers are located[24]

  • Heavenhorn Sword[25]
    • The Spirit Stream Sect’s guardian treasure, the Heavenhorn Sword, which had received a tenfold spirit enhancement.
  • Ancient Violet Cauldron[23]
  • Spirit Stream Yang Raven[26]
  • The seventeen Legacy Echelon cultivators[23]
  • Prime Elders nearly a hundred in their numbers[23]
  • The five patriarchs.

Heavenhorn Ink Dragon - Sect's Holy Beast Guardian resides in Ancient Beast Chasm, he was a follower of the founding Patriarch.

Known Disciples