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Song Que was a chosen from the Blood Stream Sect's Song Clan.


He is described as a handsome young man from a prominent clan in the sect, which made him attractive to many of his fellow female daoist. However, his fierce, egoistic and stingy behavior made him somewhat reclusive, and he keeps to himself most of the time in the sect, preferring to stay in his cave for secluded meditation or sometimes to go out to consult with his aunt Junwan.


He first appeared during Foundation Establishment trial by fire, held in Fallen Sword Abyss, where he fought off Bai Xiaochun to become the first participant to cultivate Heavenstring energy in many years. Shortly afterwards, Bai Xiaochun fought him again and won the energy to reach Heaven-Dao Foundation Establishment.

As a potential candidate for Blood Stream Sect's Middle Peak Blood Master, the Song Clan had paid a significant price to obtain Heavenstring Foundation Establishment information from Patriarch Limitless in exchange for letting Du Xiaomei, his own daughter, a chance to compete with Song Que for the Blood Master position.

He was killed by the vile prince in (chapter 1191).

He was resurrected as half-Sovereign by Bai Xiaochen using the essence of life and death.(Chapter 1286)