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Shangguan Tianyou was the most impressive of 3 south bank apprentices of the peak lords, adept with void magic, and generally accepted as the number one Chosen of the south bank.

According to the rumors, he has a powerful sword spirit body, and is the reincarnation of some almighty sword cultivator. For some reason, the heavens are guilty, and showered him with countless blessings. When he was three, he was walking down the road and happened to find an ancient sword; when he was seven, a baby Crimson Cloudbeast fell out of the sky and instantly accepted him as its master; when he was thirteen, he acquired a golden light shield. That is why his name is Tianyou!

“Tianyou” literally means “The Heaven's Assist

He fell in love with Zhou Xinqi, but Xinqi was killed before they could start a relationship. After avenging Xinqi, his personality drastically changed. He was no longer arrogant and overbearing, but wistful, serious, and quiet. He gave up trying to defeat Bai Xiaochun.