Qi Condensation

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The first step in cultivation. It is divided in 10 levels, with the peak of the 10th level being referred as the Great Circle of Qi Condensation.

Qi Condensation disciples cannot fly without the help of flight treasures.


Bai XiaoChun's progression through Qi Condensation involves using a breathing technique called the Violet Qi Cauldron Control Art which is also split up into Ten Levels with each level corresponding to the Ten Levels of Qi Condensation. The breathing technique allows you to absorb the 'air' around you, making it hard to breathe. But using this technique will help you develop Qi from within your body, and by following the Violet Qi Cauldron Control Art's directions, will also allow you to circulate the Qi around the body. By circulating it through your body, it is assumed that it will allow one to open more pores on your body, which will act as gateways for Qi to be absorbed. This allows more energy to be absorbed from the air, fusing with the Qi strand you are circulating within your body to create a permanent Qi Vessel. Obtaining a permanent Qi Vessel will signify a Cultivator has reached the First Level of Qi Condensation. The creation of the permanent Qi Vessel is a continuous process, and if you happen to fail, it will cause the Qi you've obtained to disperse and you will be forced to start over from the beginning.

Stages of Qi Condensation

  • 1st Level
  • 2nd Level
  • 3rd Level - Due to growth of internal meridians, one would need to let ones body adapt to the expanded meridians before attempting another breakthrough
  • 4th Level
  • 5th Level
  • 6th Level
  • 7th Level
  • 8th Level
  • 9th Level
  • 10th Level
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