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The northern river source sect responsible for governing Northern Heavenspan River.

Although they have a lot of territory, it's actually very sparsely populated. The climate there is horrible, not as bad as the Wildlands, but so intensely cold that the people from there have incredible physiques. The best in the world. Their unique location makes them different from the rest of us in the east, west, and south. For all intents and purposes, all of the lands in the north are controlled by one sect. The Nine Heavens Cloud Lightning Sect.

There are a good number of cultivator clans in the area, which is where the Nine Heavens Cloud Lightning Sect recruit disciples from. The sect is organised by a delineation of heavens. Disciples start out in the first heaven, and rise through the ranks to the ninth heaven.

They first appeared at the docks of Heavenspan Island during the selection of the fifth apprentice of the Celestial (Daoist Heavenspan).

They were lead by Master Cloud Lightning and three nascent soul chosen, Han Yuemei, Zhong Zhenshan and Master Lightning Origin.