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Once breaking through from Core Formation, the cultivator's lifespan is increased by at least 1000 years. A Nascent Soul cultivator is able to use minor teleportation to travel small distances in an instant.


There are three types of Nascent Soul.

  • Nascent Soul Formation via the Mortal-Dao, uses Nascent Soul Pill, the risk is the biggest, the probability of failure is extremely high and each time that is defeated will lose some lifespan. The probability to reach Deva is tiny.
  • Nascent Soul Formation via the Earth-Dao, needs Five Elements Heavenbeast Soul, which is comparable to Ferocious Beast of Deva realm. Once reaches Nascent Soul the cultivator is greatly strengthened in comparison with ordinary Nascent Soul cultivators, in the future will have 10% of probability to reach Deva.
  • Nascent Soul Formation via the Heaven-Dao, needs Five Elements Deva Souls, which is the soul of a dead Deva. Each soul will have one element (Earth, Water, Fire, Wood and Metal), so 5 different deva souls are needed. After reaching Nascent Soul the cultivator will be invincible in the same realm.


One of the ways to advance the stages is to refining (Spirit Enhancement) one's soul, which is alleged the most dangerous of all ways with an extremely high chance of having your soul destroyed. Its inferred that while the other ways are safer they are weaker. It was told that refining one's soul 7 times is already extremely difficult

  • Early Nascent Soul - Corresponds to the formation of one's nascent soul.
  • Mid Nascent Soul - Can be achieved by refining the spirit 15 times.
  • Late Nascent Soul - Can be achieved by refining the spirit 18 times.
  • Great Circle of Nascent Soul - Can be achieved by refining the spirit 20 times.
  • Quasi-Deva - Corresponds to a Half-Step to Deva cultivator. The Nascent Soul cultivator has already sensed the principles of Heaven and Earth but has yet to breakthrough to Deva.

After refining the soul 10 times, each new refinement will grant a golden pattern to the nascent soul. By refining the spirit 21 times each of the 10 previous golden patterns in the nascent soul will merge together and become a purple pattern, this way one can reach Deva realm.

The other way to advance the stages is with Nascent Soul-level techniques, for example, at Qi Condensation, Bai Xiaochun used the Violet Qi Cauldron Control Art, at Foundation Establishment he used the Violet Qi Heavenspan Incantation and at Core Formation the Frigid School Will-Evolving Incantation.


A Nascent Soul cultivator can be treated as a esteemed Patriarch in the Great Sects in the Lower Reaches of the Heavenspan Continet of the Heavenspan World. Even in the Middle Reaches region they can hold the position of Great Elders, while in the Upper Reaches region they can at least hold the position of elders and enter the Elder Pavilion.

In the Heavenspan World, becoming a Nascent Soul cultivator is the first step towards becoming a true expert.