A Will Eternal Wiki

A Daoist Magic unique to Bai Xiaochun who was created by mastering the Live Forever Codex. The Daoist Magic is created from Bai Xiaochun's dao and will, that's why it's unique.

The Live Forever Lamp is comparable to Celestial rank daoist magic.

The Live Forever Lamp is split in 5 stages:

  1. One Glance Abyss Crystallization
  2. Heavenly Canopy Lampshade
  3. Boundless Longevity, Endless Life
  4. Thou Art The Candle
  5. Live Forever Lamp

The technique makes the target a 'lamp'. The 5 steps in the Live Forever Lamp technique is used to make a lamp, where the target is the candle.

The 1st Step turns the area underneath the target into a 'lampstand', though it can be used for something before it turns the area underneath it into a lampstand.

The 2nd Step turns the area above the target into a 'lampshade', with high sealing powers.

The 3rd Step amplifies the sealing powers with innumerable tiny 'longevity' (寿) characters.

The 4th Step turns the target and everything they are into a candle. They become 'wax'.

The 5th Step allows Bai Xiaochun to ignite the candle.

There are 3 forms to the Live Forever Lamp. The first is the 'self', the second is the 'heavens' and the third is the 'world'. With each progression, the scale of the Live Forever Lamp increases. First is localised, the second is boundless and the third is using the lands as a lampstand and the sky/world as the lampshade.