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Li Qinghou is a Peak Lord of Fragrant Cloud Peak of South Bank in Spirit Stream Sect.

Personalty and Appearance

Li Qinghou is a middle aged man with good figure as well as a handsome face. He usually have a indifferent look on his face, however he can be irritated at times, as it was shown how he got irritated in numeral occasions by Bai Xiaochun.

Li Qinghou is very caring toward Bai Xiaochun as it is shown how he cared about his safety as he personally forged a defensive artifact for him. He can also be very ruthless as it is shown how he exterminated entire Luochen Clan for their betrayal.


Once Li Qinghou was seriously injured in a fight, however he was saved by a mortal couple. After his injuries were taken care of, Li Qinghou had given the couple an Incense stick as a thanking gift, and he told them to burn it whenever they need him and he will show up in an instant. He feels heavily indebted to Bai Xiaochuns parents.