Jia Lie

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During the trial by fire for Song Junwan to became the Blood Master of the Middle Peak, Jia Lie was a cultivator who ended up in the same Blood World as Bai Xiaochun. He was a Dharma protector for Xuemei.

Initially, he was very confident, having 5 tideflows Earthstring Late Foundation Establishment cultivation. He was confident in being able to overcome any other Dharma Protector. In addition, the Blood Master of Little Marsh peak also ordered him to kill Nightcrypt (Bai Xiaochun).

he entered the Blood World very close to the destination point and initially wanted to just go and grab it, but the Blood Beasts have attacked him mercilessly and Jia Lie barely escaped.

Then, he ran into Bai Xiaochun (nightcrypt) Unfortunately, the Blood World only approoved of Bai Xiaochun and protected him. Jia Lie attacked Bai Xiaochun three times, and each time the world have protected Bai Xiaochun and punished Jia Lie. In the end, he could do nothing but helplessly watch as Bai Xiaochun claims the stone steele of the Blood World completely unobstructed.

Later, when the war is about to break out between the Blood Stream sect and Spirit stream sect he appears again.

As Bai Xiaochun flies out between the two sects to stop the war, he is one of people who attacks Bai Xiaochun, because he is named the Arch-enemy of the Blood Stream sect. In fact, he uses an unknown method to gain speed, and is at the front of the group. He doesn't really want to be the one to land a killing blow, but wants to at least score the first hit, because then he could boast. Unfortunately for Jia Lie, as soon as Bai Xiaochun puts on the mask and transforms into Nightcrypt, his resolve is replaced by fear. His experiences in the Blood World have left a deep mental scar in him, and he is afraid of Nightcrypt.

When Bai Xiaochun unleashes his blood master aura, Jia Lie is the first to fall to his knees and kowtow.

Later, Jia Lie is part of the group of cultivators that accompany Bai Xiaochun during the war. Initially he didn't want to join, but was called out by name by the protagonist and had no choice but to come with him. However as they travel and the power of Golden Spheres with poison that BXC creates is unleashed, Jia Lie starts respecting Bai Xiaochun.

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