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Hou Xiaomei is an Outer Sect Disciple[1] of Fragrant Cloud Peak of South Bank in Spirit Stream Sect, member of Hou Clan and little sister of Hou Yunfei.




Big Fatty Zhang on their first meeting described her as young, beautiful, small and pure. Although her beauty is not as popular as such of Zhou Xinqi, many disciples consider her as a beautiful young girl.


She can be pretty naïve sometimes, and she has headstrong personality to the point of stubbornness. But she is very caring towards the people close to her, especially her relatives and her special someone. That even if the world against them, she will be one of the first few people that would stand up for them.


She is a young cultivator from a quite well funded cultivator clan, the Hou clan. She became a cultivator to follow her older brother's footsteps. Although she is not very talented, her headstrong personality and her family's wealth helped her through many hardships in her path of cultivation. she is also a disciple of the celestial.


She bought her way into the Outer Sect thanks to Bai Xiaochun.

Fell in love with Bai Xiaochun, admired the little turtle.

Was ecstatic when Bai Xiaochun returned alive.

Was taken to the Celestial's domain as a guard, was possessed.

Ghostmother saw that she has particular talent with Dao of Ghost, hence took her along with Zhang Dahai (Big Fatty Zhang) to Eternal Lands as her apprentice to accept her legacy of unique Daoist magic.

Married Bai Xiaochun and had a child.


  • Her name translates from Chinese as Little Sister.
  • She is Little Turtle's number one fan.
  • She is also one of the reason why Little Turtle fan' s club formed inside the sect.
  • She's the third woman with whom Bai Xiaochun had intercourse (ch. 1214)