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Originally a banesoul from the Fallen Sword World that gained sentience because of Bai Xiaochun's strange pills. Possessed the dead body of Gongsun Wan'er and returned to the River-Defying Sect.

 She was not a person of Heavenspan Realm .She came from Eternal Lands, as a discarnate soul who had fallen down into the world along with an enormous sword of Gu Tianjun.

She had once been confused and unintelligent, with no hope of ever regaining her senses. But then Bai Xiaochun had entered the Fallen Sword Abyss, and she had consumed his medicinal pills. Her soul body had been stimulated, and her mental faculties had recovered. At that point, she remembered everything about her past!

She found the world she was in a very strange place, and instinctively wanted to keep Bai Xiaochun next to her, considering that he had been the one to restore her mental faculties.

She traveled with Bai Xiaochun to the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect as a hostage, where she rose to great heights and shed her hostage status.

As one of the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Superstars, she went on the ship to travel to the Great Wall, during which time she haunted the ship and consumed quite a few cultivators.

She appeared in the labyrinth with the Arch-Emperor sepulcher, where she helped Bai Xiaochun and revealed her identity.[1]

Gongsun Wan'er is the Soulclone that came from the left arm of the Ghostmother.

Because she had not been willing to return to her true self (The Ghostmother) in the Deadmire. Instead, she entered into an alliance with Daoist Heavenspan.

But Daoist Heavenspan betrayed her and traied to seal her and make her his slave but he failed.[2]

her soul body was swallowed up by Ghostmother.[3]

Bai Xiaochun cut the left arm of Ghostmother in freeing Gongsun Wan'er from her control.[4]

She then took control over Ghostmother .[4]

She helped Bai Xaoichun in Protecting the people of Heavenspan from the Vile-Emperor.

Bai Xiaochun Helped her destroy all of the traces of Ghostmother thus becoming the true owner of the body.[5]


Whenever Bai Xiaochun spankes her rear end, her expression turnes into complete blankness and becomes dazed. Bai Xiachun spanks her in chapter 1105.

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