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Giant Ghost King is a Demigod, who rules over a city within the Wildlands.

Before the rebellion by the three sects under him, he decided to add Bai Xiaochun into his 'game'. However, Little Turtle caught wind of his plan when he saw Giant Ghost King's clone strolling in the city and found that his true self was the old man in the prison cell next to Bai Xiaochun when he got imprisoned.

During the rebellion, Little Turtle revealed to Bai Xiaochun the true self of Giant Ghost King which led to him kidnapping him and eventually making a deal to protect him in return for a Deva Soul. Often slapping him to keep him quiet...

Afterwards, Giant Ghost King gave Bai Xiaochun an honorary position, Majordomo, which he used to shakedown the three clans. Of which revealed that he was an old pervert as he tacitly tasked Bai Xiaochun to take Chen Clan's women, giving him the title Wife-Stealer by public...

After Bai Xiaochun helped him win the ghost king fruit, he came to view him as his son and heir.

He was the one who arranged the marriage of Zhou Zimo and Bai Xiaochun.