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Ghostmother first appears in the book 'The Strongest Deva'. She does not have any facial features, but is described to have long, black hair, one arm and wears a red gown.

Later, while she tries to assimilate Gongsun Wan'er, her features become more defined. When she fully succeeds in doing so, her face becomes fully defined and is described as very beautiful.


The Ghostmother had been sailing the bone galleon near the border of the Heavenspan Realm. When attacked by Gu Tianjun, she managed to take his sword, but not before she lost her arm. Her severed arm fell down into the Heavenspan Realmand the Fallen Sword World came to be.

Despite losing her arm, and having her cultivation base fall slightly, Ghostmother managed to escape. However, she couldn’t bear to part with her arm, and paid a spectacular price to re-enter the Heavenspan Realm and begin a search for it.

However, her interference was immediately detected by the Gravekeeper, who embodied the will of heaven and earth within the Heavenspan realm. Calling upon his profound powers, the Gravekeeper had sealed Ghostmother in the Deadmire.

There, she had been unable to communicate with the outside world, let alone return to it. At the same time, she was unable to search for her severed arm and thus had remained sealed in the Deadmire for countless years.

The enormous sword which had fallen from the heavens, and the Heaven-Dao aura it contained, it ended up the eastern Lower Reaches, were it became a training ground for Foundation Establishment cultivators. The countless souls that the sword had killed in the past were the banesouls which inhabited the Fallen Sword World. One of them was the incarnation of Ghostmother’s arm, the little girl that had possessed Gongsun Wan’er.

The soul that was the severed arm of Ghostmother had long remained inside the sword, unable to awaken, and unable to access its old memories. However, thanks to one of Bai Xiaochun’s medicinal pills, that girl managed to awaken. After she recovered her memories, she wished to leave. However, she had not been willing to return to her true self in the Deadmire. Instead, she entered into an alliance with the Celestial.

She tried to

☀take advantage of the time when Gongsun Wan’er was trying break through to the mid Celestial Realm but her soul was destroyed by Bai Xiaochun giving Gongsun Wan’er complete control over the body. (Chapter 1225)