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Ghostfang is a disciple of Ghostfang Peak in North Bank of Spirit Stream Sect.


Ghostfang is a person with aura of loneliness around him.Most of the people don't like to be befriend him as he is difficult to interact.He is somewhat desperate to find a good partner to spar with as he shown his interest in fighting him.


“The last of the five great Chosen of the north bank... is a mysterious and legendary figure who has no known name. Twenty years ago, the peak lord of Ghostfang Peak brought him back to the sect from some unknown location. People just call him Ghostfang, and he’s an expert in magics relating to the Dao of ghosts. He also practices one of the legendary ten secret magics of the Spirit Stream Sect, a magic equally as difficult to cultivate as the Waterswamp Kingdom... Ghosts Haunt the Night! . Rumor has it that he can already summon a hundred ghosts! People say that he's the number one Chosen on the north bank....”[1]

He does not understand his own strength, and nearly kills Lu Tianlei. He enjoys fighting an equal opponent, such as when he fought Bai Xiaochun.

Participated in the Fallen Sword Abyss.

It is unknown what happened to him after the Collapse of the Arch-Emperor Realm.

Cultivation Method/Technique

His cultivation method is one of the legendary top ten magic of the Spirit Stream Sect; Ghosts Haunt the Night.