A Will Eternal Wiki

Long ago, the Frigid School was the dominant sect at the mouth of the river in the north. It was just as prominent as the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect. However, because of an unexpected rebellion, the Frigid School collapsed and was supplanted. The survivors had no other choice but to swallow their humiliation and flee for their lives. Eventually, they came to the eastern cultivation world, where they set down new roots!

Only two survivors actually made it here. One of them was Founding Patriarch's Master, and the other was the true spirit of the Frigid School!

Founding Patriarch's Master secretly helped the Spirit Stream Sect become one of the four major sects in the Lower Reaches. As for that true spirit, she is the true reserve power within the Spirit Stream Division!

Sir, I remember. My mission is to guard the true spirit, to ensure that the Spirit Stream Sect becomes one of the sects in the Middle Reaches of the eastern Heavenspan River, and then, a sect of the Upper Reaches. After that, we must invade the northern Heavenspan River, fight our way through its Upper Reaches, and eradicate the Nine Heavens Cloud Lightning Sect. Return to our ancestral home, restore the glory of the Frigid School!