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The Eternal Lands is the world outside the Heavenspan Realm.


After the Gravekeeper's death, the Heavenspan World began to wither and die. This culminated in the destruction of the Heavenspan World and in the teleportation of its inhabitants to random locations of the Eternal Lands. Unfortunately those with weak cultivation bases were unable to survive the teleportation.


In legends, the Eternal Lands is actually a gigantic flower, with 5 petals who became the 5 Immortal Domains. In the middle of the 5 Immortal Domains is the Eternal Sea.

among the five great Immortal Domains of the Eternal Lands, is located the Eternal Immortal Domain, among the five great Immortal Domains of the Eternal Lands, there is the Statue inside which is enclosed the Heavenspan Realm, the world from which Bai Xiaochun comes

the Eternal Lands is also called "The Cosmic Flower" or "The Eternal Flower" ...


The current pinnacle of cultivation in the Eternal Lands is rumored to be the legendary Archaean Realm. The two dynasties emperors are said to be in this realm.

The Celestials of the Eternal Lands

For a long time, the Eternal Lands only had 9 celestials, each with power and status second only to the two Archaean Emperors themselves.

By the later parts of the Eternal Immortal Domains' Arc, just before the last battle, the Saint-Emperor Dynasty had 4 celestials, Vile-Emperor Dynasty had 5 celestials, and the Arch-Emperor Dynasty had 9 celestials.

Celestial Affiliation Status
1st-9th Celestial Ren Ling Vile-Emperor Dynasty. Killed by Bai Xiaochun in Chapter 1204.
Celestial Virūpākṣa
Prince Ur-Demon
Reverend Devourer
Celestial Deadfall
Celestial Aged Spirit Saint-Emperor Dynasty.
Gu Tianjun
Sima Yunhua
Chen Su
10th Gongsun Wan'er Vile-Emperor Dynasty
(formerly as Ghostmother).

Arch-Emperor Dynasty.

After defecting to Arch-Emperor Dynasty, she became the dynasty's strongest celestial.
11th Bai Xiaochun Saint-Emperor Dynasty

Arch-Emperor Dynasty

Broke through to a higher realm.
12th Daoist Heavenspan Vile-Emperor Dynasty

Sovereign Mortal Renegade

Broke through to a higher realm.
13th Grand Heavenmaster Arch-Emperor Dynasty. Arch-Emperor Dynasty's 1st celestial. (Chapter 1222)
14th Giant Ghost King Arch-Emperor Dynasty's 2nd celestial. (Chapter 1222)
15th War Champion King Arch-Emperor Dynasty's 3rd celestial. (Chapter 1226)
16th Spirit Advent King Arch-Emperor Dynasty's 4th celestial.(Chapter 1236)
17th Nine Serenities King Arch-Emperor Dynasty's 5th celestial.(Chapter 1236)
18th Eastern Region Demigod Arch-Emperor Dynasty's 6th celestial.(Chapter 1236)
19th Northern Region Demigod Arch-Emperor Dynasty's 7th celestial.(Chapter 1236)
20th Bai Xiaoxiao When she broke through, the Eternal Mother was in deep sleep and was unable to give her her approval, However, she had Bai Xiaochun’s approval (Chapter 1284)

The Archaeans of the Eternal Lands

In the Eternal Lands there were two archaeans in the beginning: The Vile-Emperor and the Saint-Emperor, each controlling their own dynasty. The Eternal Mother of the Eternal Lands, in her current condition, was unable to gather enough strength to approve the birth of a third Archaean.

With the arrival of the Heavenspan Realm people, a new archaean and dynasty was born: Arch-Emperor, Bai Xiaochun, and his Arch-Emperor Dynasty. His rise to Archaean Realm was only possible thanks to the last remaining strength of the Immortal Realm ruins.

Later, Daoist Heavenspan broke through to Archaean Realm, through Sovereign Ni Fan's approval, but he didn't create his own faction or dynasty, or rather, he didn't have enough time.

Archaean Affiliation Status
1st Vile-Emperor Vile-Emperor Dynasty
2nd Saint-Emperor Saint-Emperor Dynasty
Broke through to a higher realm. Currently a Half-Sovereign.
3rd Bai Xiaochun Arch-Emperor Dynasty
(Arch-Emperor, formerly)
Broke through to a higher realm. Currently above Fourth Step.

The Sovereigns of the Eternal Lands

Other than the three sons of eternity, who were born as sovereigns to defend the Eternal Lands from the hands of Sovereign Ni Fan, the only other true sovereign from the Eternal Lands was Bai Xiaochun, who broke through to this realm without the need of the world's approval, just like Sovereign Ni Fan just did back during his time.

Those that managed to break free from the Archaean Realm but didn't manage to gain full approval of a world's will and neither force the break through by their cultivation base and dao comprehension alone, were stuck at the Half-Sovereign Realm.

Sovereign Affiliation Status
True Sovereigns
1st-3rd Vile-Ancestor Vile-Emperor Dynasty
Saint-Ancestor Saint-Emperor Dynasty
Arch-Ancestor Arch-Emperor Dynasty
4th Bai Xiaochun Arch-Emperor Dynasty
Arch-Emperor, (formerly)
Broke through to a higher realm. Currently above Fourth Step.
Saint-Emperor Saint-Emperor Dynasty
Broke through to Half-Sovereign with the help of the Eternal Mother's remaining half approval.
Daoist Heavenspan Sovereign Ni Fan
Broke to Half-Sovereign with the help of Sovereign Mortal Renegade. Killed by Song Que.
Song Que Arch-Emperor Dynasty. Broke through to Half-Sovereign Realm thanks to Sovereign Dao Chen's Life and Death Dao Essence.