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Du Lingfei is an Outer Sect Disciple[4] of Fragrant Cloud Peak of South Bank in Spirit Stream Sect.


Young woman who stood out from everyone else. She was tall and a known beauty.[4]


Well liked, and popular. Very talented, proud. Kind, self-sacrificing, as shown during the Luochen betrayal.


She somehow has a connection with the Heavenspan Emissary. She is being suspected as the Emissary herself.[5]

She was the daughter of the Celestial.[6]


She was praised as a talented beauty in the Spirit Stream Sect. She fought in Fragrant Cloud Peak’s Outer Sect competition, making it to the final round before being defeated by Bai Xiaochun. Because she was displeased by his cowardly methods and luck, she challenges him to a plant and vegetation battle, with a Cloudsoaring Incense as a wager, and is destroyed.

Later was assigned to search for Hou Yunfei, along with Feng Yan and Bai Xiaochun.

She flees from the Luochen Clan with Hou Yunfei and Bai Xiaochun, and falls in love with Bai Xiaochun after he overcomes his fear of death to save her and Hou Yunfei. She is amazed by his skill and bravery.

After the group runs out of pills, she tells Bai Xiaochun to abandon her and Hou Yunfei, and cries when Bai Xiaochun acts as a beacon for them to escape.

She is the first to exit the Luochen clan boundary, and alerts the Spirit Stream Sect of the Luochen betrayal.

After the incident with Luochen Clan's betrayal she was assigned as Official Emissary to Eastwood City.[7]

She reunited with Bai Xiaochun in Eastwood City, after he exits the Fallen Sword Abyss. She then disappeared for a long time because her guards came to get her, causing Bai Xiaochun to search for her. This caused her to be suspected as a spy.

Appear again taking the place of Du Xuemei during Middle Peak Blood Master selection.[8] She fights Bai Xiaochun until Xiaochun's Nightcrypt disguise falls off, and then reveals her own appearance. After that, she disappears.

She reappears in the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect, as the ambassador between mortals and the Celestial. She gives Bai Xiaochun a fire-type deva soul so he can exchange for 5 beast souls.

It turns out she was sent to Spirit Stream Sect by her father to investigate her Eldest Senior Sister/Baby Girl Spirit. This was also why she appeared in the Blood Stream Sect, to investigate the Blood Ancestor.

Bai Xiaochun flirts with her in front of her father.

Later, the Celestial uses Bai Xiaochun and Lingfei to create a pill that can grant immortality. Lingfei and Xiaochun are at the brink of death, until Xiaochun receives the Gravekeeper's cultivation and Bai Hao sacrifices himself.

In the Eternal Lands, Bai Xiaochun finds her living in solitude as a nun, likely due to the guilt of almost killing Xiaochun. She rejects Bai Xiaochun, and Xiaochun respects her wishes.

However, in the epilogue, Lingfei is one of Xiaochun's wives, implying that he chose the Eternal Flower that reset time.


  • Bai Xiaochun gave her nickname Boo, which she initially disliked, but eventually gave up.