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Everyone is bound by shackles. Whether in terms of cultivation base or the fleshly body, there are life essence shackles which cannot be broken.... I have created this technique, suitable for cultivation in the Qi Condensation stage, not to break through the shackles, but to gain enlightenment of them!

By the way, the Dragon Mammoth Sea-Forming Scripture was created by the founding patriarch of the Spirit Stream Sect, who led the campaign from the Heavenspan delta into the Lower Reaches.


The Dragon Mammoth Sea-Forming Scripture is a cultivation manual based on visualization. The manual consists of three pictures/levels. It is said that practicing this manual can enlighten a cultivator on how to break through the shackles of mortality. Suitable to cultivate from the 8th level of Qi Condensation to Foundation Establishment. At the pinnacle, the fleshly body would have the strength of dragons and mammoths, and one’s spiritual power would form a huge sea. Best of all is that after creating such a matchless foundation, once one reached Foundation Establishment, it would be much easier to learn just about any divine ability, without worrying about an incompatibility problem.

This is a cultivation manual created by the founding patriarch of the Spirit Stream Sect and is Practiced by Bai Xiaochun. Bai Xiaochun picked this technique up when he won the Chosen battles and became a Chosen Inner Sect disciple of the Spirit Stream Sect.

Not just anyone can cultivate the Dragon Mammoth Sea-Forming Scripture. Only people who have cultivated both their spirit and their body all the way the eighth level of Qi Condensation can successfully do so.[1]

Primeval Mammoth:

Description: The first (picture) depicted an enormous, primeval mammoth. It seemed preeminently powerful, strong enough to crush a mountain.[2]

Effect: Visualizing this picture will develop the fleshy body.

Azure Dragon:

Description: The second illustration depicted an azure dragon, twisting and turning among the clouds, which partially obscured it.[2]

Effect: "When Bai Xiaochun looked at it, it seemed to brand itself into his mind. All of a sudden, he could picture the image mentally. And yet, as soon as that happened, the image faded away, and his mind filled with rumbling sounds. At the same time, the spiritual power in his body seemed to surge out of control, swirling through him painfully."

Combination of Dragon and Mammoth:

When cultivating the third level, the dragon and the mammoth combine and rise even higher, and that is when contact with the shackle can be made.[1]


A method of creating spiritual sea of forming Dao Foundation during breakthrough to Foundation Establishment