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Above Deva realm is the Demigod realm.

The source of a demigod's strength is that one's will dominates above the will of heavens and because of that, unlike a deva, one does not borrow but uses directly the strength of heavens and earth. A demigod buries deep inside oneself a will root (念根). This will root is a very important thing to the cultivator as it's from there that a dao seed (道种) will condense during the breakthrough to Mahayana.

Only the patriarchs of the Four Great Sects of the Upper Reaches Region and the Four Heavenly Kings of the Wildlands in the entire Heavenspan World are known to be at this stage.

However, it is uncertain how many Demigod realm experts, like the Divine Guards, are under the direct command of the Heavenspan Daoist (the Celestial) in the Heavenspan Island.

In the Eternal Continent, demigods are referred as Great Sovereigns (大尊).


  • Early Demigod
  • Mid Demigod
  • Late Demigod
  • Great Circle of Demigod
  • Quasi-Celestial - Corresponds to a Half-Step to Mahayana realm cultivator. A Quasi-Celestial can, in a very limited way compared to a true Celestial, wield the power of Heavens and Earth.


Demigods are the pinnacle of the Heavenspan World. In the Upper Reaches region they are usually Patriarchs behind one of the Four Great Sects or Heavenly Kings ruling the Wildlands. They hold the highest amount of authority below the Heavenspan Daoist and the Hell-Emperor. The Grand Heavenmaster and the Arch-Emperor of the Wildlands are supposedly at the Demigod realm as well.

Breaking through from Demigod and becoming a true Celestial is immensely difficult in the Heavenspan World and can only happen under special circumstances. Even powerhouses like Heavenspan Daoist, and later on the Blood Ancestor, are only Quasi-Celestials and haven't truly broke through to Mahayana realm yet, being a half-step away from that realm.