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Celestial Magic

The Four Heavenspan Beasts

These are four powerful beasts at the great circle of the Demigod Realm. In truth, Heavenspan Daoist’s six life essence Daoswords, which he can use to open the nine Dao gates, is hidden inside them.

  1. Gluttonous Flood Snake - All of a sudden, from within the depths of the significantly depleted Heavenspan Seawater, a roar erupted that shook heaven and earth, accompanied by a shocking aura. Water showered down in all directions as a 30,000-meter-long creature appeared. It was very much like a flood dragon, with the body of a snake, and a huge 3,000-meter-long head that was vaguely dragon-like in appearance. Overall, it looked fierce to the extreme!
  2. Fantastic Crocodile - The Celestial performed another incantation gesture, causing roars to echo out from all four of the Heavenspan Rivers. Along with the roars came four golden crocodiles, which merged together to form a single… 30,000-meter-long, four-headed golden crocodile!
  3. Gloom Bird - All of a sudden, a huge roc appeared in the sky, howling in such a way that it caused everything to tremble! Closer inspection revealed that the roc was covered with rotting flesh, beneath which were dry bones! This bird… was actually a creature that had been dead for countless years!
  4. Sludge Giant - Next, the lands in the southern part of the Heavenspan region exploded, and an enormous stonebeetle crawled up from their depths. Everything around it immediately fossilized, causing massive white streaks to be left behind it as it crawled forth.

The Eight Heavenspan Daogates

Using the six life essence Daoswords, Daoist Heavenspan can open the eight Dao gates, each being opened by a different three-row design. Those designs are the eight trigrams.

This celestial magic that bordered on a great Dao was the reason why the grave keeper was so cautious of Daoist Heavenspan, and one of the reasons why the latter was able to overthrow the Arch-Emperor Dynasty.

  1. [☵] - Kan - First Daogate: Palace of Water
    Summons seemingly infinite streams of water vapor from the lands of Heavenspan, forming together into an ocean in the sky. That much water carried indescribable weight. It was water that thrummed with destructive power, power that seemed capable of eradicating any life force that got in its way.
  2. [☶] - Gen - Second Daogate: Palace of Mountains
    Summons countless mountains in the sky to attack the opponent.
  3. [☳] - Zhen - Third Daogate: Palace of Lightning
    Summons numerous black lightning bolts, filling the sky.
  4. [☴] - Xun - Fourth Daogate: Palace of Wind
    Summons a black wind.
  5. [☲] - Li - Fifth Daogate: Palace of Fire
    Summons a majestic heavenly fire that sends indescribable heat out in all directions.
  6. [☱] - Dui - Sixth Daogate: Palace of Marshes
    Summons a marshy swap, filled with decay and rot, capable of melting anything within its bounds.
  7. [☷] - Kun - Seventh Daogate: Palace of Earth
    The Palace of Earth represents all of the lands in the world, summoning the earth energy from the world itself.
  8. [☰] - Qian - Eighth Daogate: Palace of Heaven
    Similarly to the previous palace, the Palace of Heaven represents all heavens in the world. As the eighth Daogate is unleashed, the entire world goes dim, and a massive wind kicks up. At the same time, the Celestial’s hand transforms into a massive, illusory hand that reaches up and begins to tear open a huge rift. As the rift opens, it is as if the sky was being sliced open by an enormous, razor-sharp blade, pouring out shocking energy fluctuations.
  9. Ninth Daogate: The Palace Within

Radiates an aura of both life and death. One half of it was alive, the other dead, and as they swirled around each other, they created an image that seemed to encompass the entire circle of life. The area of one half withered, while the other half, life flourished.