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Daoist Heavenspan, also known as the "Celestial", is the supreme ruler of the Heavenspan Faction of the Arch-Emperor World. During ancient times, he overthrew the Arch-Emperor Dynasty, stole their Live Forever Codex, and became the paragon of the world.

However, due to the nature of his cultivation, it clashes with the Live Forever Codex technique and thus, The Gravekeeper refuse to open the gate due to him lacking the 'legacy'. He tried various means to get him to open the gate only to be refused everytime.

He deeply desired to escape the Heavenspan Realm, so he wanted to sacrifice his own daughter to make the Undying Live Forever Pill.

He did not hesitate to betray the Eternal Immortal Domains and become a subordinate of the Mortal Renegade. He was different from the Vile-Emperor, who was only a clone. Daoist Heavenspan became the apprentice of the Mortal Renegade.

During this process, Daoist Heavenspan lost himself.


He got slapped by Bai Xiaochun