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In the world of A Will Eternal, mortals can cultivate into immortals, beings of great power that seek for eternal life through the Great Dao.

Cultivation is divided in several realms and each realm is divided in many stages.

The Cultivation Path

All things in the world have Willpower, it’s a foundation that can come in infinite forms. Heaven, earth, the world, all living things that exist! All plants and all types of vegetation. The world is like a mountain, with those on the top easily crushing everyone beneath them. As for those on the bottom, they have to struggle relentlessly to climb higher. First, turn Willpower into a root, and bury it in the spiritual sea. Eventually, it becomes a Daoseed, which gives birth to Dao Will!
Gongsun Wan'er to Bai Xiaochun
on Chapter 1051: Will

The cultivation path of Eternal Continent and the Heavenspan World is based on Willpower (念力) and will (念) itself. This becomes very apparent in the higher levels of cultivation (Deva Realm and above).

  • A deva will merge one's will with the will of the heavens and take advantage of the power of heaven and earth, borrowing it. This brings an enormous advantage to the deva, allowing they to rule over any lower realm cultivator, making the gap between Nascent Soul and Deva Realm gigantic.
  • A demigod, however, has a much more powerful will that can dominate above the will of heavens. Thus the demigod does not borrow but directly uses the power of heaven and earth as one's own. The demigod will have a Willroot (念根) buried deep inside their spiritual sea and after the demigod breaks through to Mahayana Realm the newly-promoted celestial will have a Daoseed (道种) condensed in the place where the Willroot was.
  • The Daoseed is the foundation of a true celestial, it's thanks to it that the Celestial can use the powerful Celestial Daoist magic. If the Daoseed is preserved, a Archaean Realm expert can resurrect the deceased celestial through it.
  • In order to breakthrough to Archaean Realm, the celestial's Daoseed must germinate and bloom, generating a Dao Will (道念). This step is exceedingly hard.

Cultivation Realm

Level Realm
First step (修仙 第一步)
First Realm Qi Condensation (凝气)
Second Realm Foundation Establishment (筑基)
Third Realm Core Formation (结丹)
Fourth Realm Nascent Soul (元婴)
Fifth Realm Deva (天人)
Sixth Realm Demigod (半神)
Second step (修仙 第二步)
First Realm Celestial (天尊)
Second Realm Archaean (太古)
Third step (修仙 第三步)
Single Realm Sovereign (主宰)
Fourth step (修仙 第四步)
Single Realm Eternal
Fifth step (修仙 第五步)
Unknown Unknown