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Consists in forming a golden core in one's dantian. Once breaking through from Foundation Establishment, the cultivator's lifespan is increased by at least 500 years.

Breaking through from Foundation Establishment to Core Formation is the process of fusing the layers of Spiritual Sea. The fusion of 4 layers is considered good, less than 4 is inferior, 6 layers is extremely rare and 8 layers is very rare to appear even in the Upper Reaches' Sects.


There are three types of Golden Core.

  • Mortal-Dao leads to forming a Mortal Core.
  • Earth-Dao leads to forming a Earth Core.
  • Heaven-Dao leads to forming a Gold Core. Is the true Gold Core. One must be a Heaven-Dao Foundation Establishment to get a chance to breakthrough to Heaven-Dao Core Formation and condense a Gold Core.


  • Early Core Formation - Corresponds to the formation of a core in one's dantian.
  • Mid Core Formation
  • Late Core Formation
  • Great Circle of Core Formation
  • Pseudo Nascent Soul - Corresponds to a Half-Step to Nascent Soul cultivator.