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A divine ability of the Nine Heavens Cloud Lightning Sect. The divine ability has 11 transformations. The first nine transformations allow a cultivator to form a Dharma Idol of the forefather of all humanity. Then they can merge with that Dharma Idol to become the forefather. The tenth transformation turns one’s left eye into a shining moon, and the eleventh transformation, which is the most shocking of all, turns the right eye into a blazing sun. Although there are eleven transformations, the final two transformations are far more powerful than the others. In fact, they each have an additional three levels of transformation power. That means that if you cultivate the technique in its entirety, it essentially has the power of seventeen transformations. Bai Xiaochun fused this ability with his Sun-Moon Vast-Sky Incantation

  • First Transformation = 30 meters
  • Second Transformation = 60 meters
  • Third Transformation = 90 meters
  • Fourth Transformation = 120 meters
  • Fifth Transformation = 150 meters
  • Sixth Transformation = 180 meters
  • Seventh Transformation = 210 meters
  • Eighth Transformation = 240 meters
  • Ninth Transformation = 270 meters
  • Tenth Transformation = 300 meters
  • Eleventh Transformation = 330 meters [improved to over 600 meters]