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One of the five devas of the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect. Has a third eye. Sent to be the deva in charge of the Great Wall.

When labyrinth opened due to his disciple and daughter running from Wildlanders, they were sucked into it, and to his dismay, inside the labyrinth divine sense is suppressed. Thus, to increase survival of his disciple and daughter, as well as chances of getting the Deva Soul in the labyrinth, he enlisted Bai Xiaochun in the 30,000 to search the labyrinth to use him as bait for Wildlanders as they hated him down to the bone.

Betrayed Bai Xiaochun and used his life as bait for the Wildlanders when they entered the labyrinth.

He is also responsible for administering Dao River Court.