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Those who reach this realm are able to wield the power of the heavens. All cultivators that reach this realm are referred as celestials, thus the name of this realm. This realm is also known as the Mahayana (大乘, dacheng) Realm.

To reach Mahayana Realm one must condense a Daoseed from their Willroot buried deep inside their spiritual sea. This Daoseed contains the celestial's foundation and if it is preserved an archaean can resurrect the deceased celestial through it.


During the breakthrough, the cultivator must withstand 3 Heavenly Tribulations:

  • The First Tribulation: Is the easiest to overcome, it consists in breaking the wall between Demigod and Great Ascension realm. Those without resources cannot breakthrough this wall, with each failure the cultivator's foundation is harmed. After a certain number of failed tentatives there will be no more hope for the Demigod to ever enter Great Ascension again. Because of the lack of resources, usually only 10% can pass this tribulation.
  • The Second Tribulation: This tribulation tests the cultivator's divine abilities and techniques. Only by a peerless strong Daoist magic one can hope to succeed in this tribulation. Usually 10% of those who passed the first tribulation are able to withstand the second.
  • The Third Tribulation: After 99% of the cultivators be blocked by the previous two tribulations, the third tribulation is one of life and death and its key point is: approval! One must be approved by the Flower of Eternal.

After the Second Tribulation one will start to condense the Daoseed. If the cultivator is approved by the Mother (or Flower) of Eternal, the Daoseed condensation will be successful and thus a new celestial will be born in the world.

The birth of a new celestial is felt by every cultivator in the Eternal Lands.


  • Early Celestial - By successfully condensing a Daoseed one have entered the Celestial Realm. In the early stage, the Daoseed will start to take root and absorb enough nutrients until germination is possible.
  • Mid Celestial - This stage can be reached by germinating the Daoseed into a sprout.
  • Late Celestial - In the late stage, the Daoseed sprout will finally blossom.
  • Great Circle Celestial
  • Quasi-Archaean


In the Eternal Lands, a celestial usually oversees an Immortal Territory under its Dynasty command. Only by breaking through to Mahayana Realm and becoming a true celestial a cultivator can wield true authority and become part of the higher-ups in the Eternal Continent Dynasties.

In comparison with the Heavenspan Realm which had no true celestial, one of the two Dynasties of the Eternal Continent, the Vile-Dynasty, have altogether six celestials, this shows the difference in strength between the Heavenspan Realm and the Eternal Lands.

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