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Sects are organizations dedicated to the practice of cultivation. Typically led by a Sect Master under the sect's Patriarch(s). With the help of Sect Elders and Great Elders, they instruct Disciples in the proper methods of cultivation or training in the martial arts styles of the Sect. The Disciples live in the Sect, which provides for their daily needs. There is practically always a strict hierarchy amongst members of a Sect, and respect for the elder generations is demanded.

General Hierarchy

  • Patriarch(s)
  • Sect Master
  • Great Elders
  • Sect Elders
  • Inner Sect Disciples
  • Outer Sect Disciples
  • Servants

Cultivation Bases

A Sect Patriarch must have the highest cultivation base in the sect. The required cultivation base changes depending on the location of the sect but it is at least Nascent Soul realm. A Sect Master must have the same cultivation base as the Sect Great Elders, one realm below the Patriarch's cultivation base. Sect Elders must have a cultivation base at least of two realms below the Patriarch.

In Heavenspan World

  • Patriarch(s) - Deva
  • Sect Master - Nascent Soul
  • Prime Elders - Nascent Soul
  • Sect Elders - Core Formation
  • Disciples

  • Patriarch(s) - Demigod
  • Sect Master - Deva
  • Prime Elders - Deva
  • Sect Elders - Nascent Soul
  • Disciples

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