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Bruiser looks like the combination of a horse, a dog, a lizard, a crocodile, and a dragon. His head has a long horn, and his back has a crest of white hair running down it. His body is covered with black scales, and he has sharp teeth. He has the body of a horse, the head of a dragon, black reptilian scales, the clawed feet of a pangolin, and his teeth emanate a seven-colored glow.


Bruiser has an eccentric personality, He is very hostile towards all males, yet very charming towards all females. He likes to copy Bai Xiaochun's mannerisms, like how Bai Xiaochun likes to show off and receive a lot of attention.


Created by a Beastbirth Seed when fully matured, Bruiser is the Spirit Beast of Bai Xiaochun. Due to coming from a Beastbirth Seed, Bruiser had the bloodline of several thousand beasts, with the most powerful bloodlines coming from the Heavenhorn Ink dragon, Seven-colored Phoenix, Archway Peak Lizard, Three-eyed Raven, and the Mountain Ghost. When he was born he had a seventh order bloodline that can potentially increase over time and with heavenly materials. He is a type of battle beast known as a "Beast King," (7th order) this allows Bruiser to command battle beasts in lower orders. Because of his heterogenous bloodline, Bruiser was not expected to survive long enough the be born. However, because of the encouragement Bai Xiaochun gave Bruiser during his time trying to be born, Bruiser gives his complete loyalty to Bai Xiaochun.