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The Blood Stream Sect is a middle class sect which is located in the Eastwood Continent on the lower branch of the Heavenspan River. Its history stretched back countless years, and is very famous in the area.

It have the shape of gargantuan blood hand stretched right up out of the Heavenspan River, palm up, as if it were clawing up toward the heavens. The size of it was difficult to describe with words; the five fingers of the hand were like enormous mountain peaks, each one of them roughly the same size as Mount Daoseed of Spirit Stream Sect.[1]

Blood Masters: occupied a very high position, similar to the sect leader. In fact, in some ways, they were even more powerful than the sect leader. The sect leader couldn’t directly issue orders to the cultivators of a mountain peak, but a blood master could!

Furthermore, only by reaching Core Formation and becoming a blood master could someone ever have a chance of becoming a blood ripper! Blood rippers were the most important force in the sect next to the patriarchs!

For various reasons, blood masters were people who could drive countless other members of the sect into madness.

Blood Devil/Blood Lord a position far higher than the blood masters. In fact, that position is even above the patriarchs. Because the Blood Stream Sect practices spirit blood cultivation, if the Blood Devil appears, speculation states that a single thought on his part could reduce the cultivation bases of the entire sect by fifty percent, from the Outer Sect all the way to the patriarchs.At the same time, a single thought on his part could increase the battle prowess of the entire sect by thirty percent

Mountain Peaks

  • Ancestor Peak - Thumb[1]
  • Corpse Peak - First Finger[1]
  • Middle Peak - Middle Finger[1]
  • Nameless Peak - Ring Finger[1]
  • Lesser Marsh Peak - Pinky Finger[1]


There are 8 Patriach in the Blood stream sect.

  • Patriach Song - Patriach from the Song Clan, top 3 in power ranking out of the eight
  • Patriach Limitless - First patriach to reach nine tide flow when he becomes foundation stage 800 years ago
  • Patriarch Droughtflame - First appearance when he announce the 8 chosen for the blood stream sect

Known Elders

Known Disciples