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Beihan Lie was a chosen from the North bank's Sunset Peak of the Spirit Stream Sect.

He’s cold and arrogant, and cultivates one of the Spirit Stream Sect’s ten great secret magics, the Sunset Incantation. He also has a Nighstalker Beast, a horrifying and powerful creature that rips people to shreds. Together, they’ve slaughtered their way to becoming the most powerful fighters under the ninth level of Qi Condensation!. In fact, he’s known as the number one disciple on Sunset Peak!. His Nightstalker Beast is referred to as the Black Dog.

He was humiliated by Bai Xiaochun in the chosen battles thanks to his Aphrodisiac Pills, but eventually helped him in the Fallen Sword Abyss.

He abandons his Nightstalker, but it sacrifices itself to save him from death when fighting the other sects.

After the end of the Heavenspan World, Bai Xiaochun found his corpse.[1]


He is described as an extremely handsome young man having a red sun mark on his forehead and wearing a long blue robe. He was a carefree young man whose smile charms many fellow female Daoists.