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As a disciple of Fragrant Cloud peak Bai Xiaochun naturally had to study the Dao of medicine. As soon as he realized the he could potentially be able to create a pill to make him immortal he resolutely decided to pursue the Dao of medicine.

As an Apprentice Apothecary he learned all ten volumes of spirit beast and plants before taking the test to become a Journeyman Apothecary. While he learned all ten volumes he also achieved 1st place in the ten stone steles at the same time, something that had not happened in the Spirit Stream Sect for 1000+ years.

As a Journeyman Apothecary, he began to concoct medicine, which led to him displaying a perfectionist behavior. While other apothecaries would concoct batches nonstop and see failure as just a part of the process, Bai Xiaochun would always ponder why he failed, for even days at a time, which led to him having a much higher success rate, and let him progress faster as an apothecary. Because he decided to experiment and concoct his own pill formula, Bai Xiaochun would regularly cause chaos, to the point where he was exiled for some time for his "misconduct."

There was no doubt that he gradually perfected his dao of medicine. But problems be the heaven defying outcomes of some of his pill concocting session inducing chaos throughout the area. And these includes things like how his pill concoction in blood stream sect lead to a corpse puppet to have green hair, all nearby peak disciples struck by non stop diarrhea, black smoke that caused hallucination effects not sparing even the strongest cultivators at a point. Along his journey to enlightenment of the dao of medicine bursting pill furnaces were not uncommon as well. It started from destroying mountain peaks to soon spreading terror among invading wild landers in the war field. His pill concocting earned him many titles starting from the Plague Devil to Devil Bai in the wild lands.

He was even complemented by deva realm experts about how he could eradicate the entire heavenspan realm with his pill concoting if he wanted to.

Pill Grades

Low 80% Impurities

Mid 60% Impurities

High 40% Impurities

Superior 20% Impurities

Premium 10% Impurities

Supreme 0% Impurities


Learned Medicine:

  • Spirit Replenishing Pill[1]
  • Longevity Incense[1]
  • Ink Spirit Incense[2]
  • Violet Qi Ascension Pill[3]
  • Spirit-Tempering Crystallizing Pill
  • Inverse Blood Corpse Refining Pill
  • Spirit Perfume Pill
  • Blood Body Pill
  • Undying Blood Pill
  • River-Defying Pill
  • Deva Pill[4]
  • East Wind Life Force Pill[5]
  • Intoxication Life Force Pill[5]
  • Spirit Flower Life Force Pill[5]
  • Nine Transformations Life Force Pill[5]

Self-Made Medicine:

  • Aphrodisiac Pill (Spirit Beasts, Violet Qi Ascension Pill Hybrid)[3]
  • Ant Attracting Pill (Spirit Replenishing Pill Hybrid)[6]
  • Pheromone Pill (Pairs with Aphrodisiac Pill)[7]
  • Copy/Record Pill (Rabbit)[8]
  • Wing Enlarging Pill (Ducks)[8]
  • Enlargement Pill (Chickens)[8]
  • Pooping Pill (Birds)[8]
  • Burping Pill (Cats)[8]
  • Twitching Pill (Monkeys)[8]
  • Hydra Pill (Lion)[8]
  • Sentience Pill (Monkey)[8]
  • Shut-Your-Trap-Pill[9]
  • Bane Beast Attraction Pill[10]
  • Hallucination Gas Pill[11]
  • Diarrhea Gas Pill[12]
  • Knockout Medicine (For Turtle)
  • Ultra Fasting Aid Pill[13]
  • Fantasy Pill[14]
  • Soul Convergence Pill[15]
  • Break Up Pill[16]
  • Body-Purifying Filth-Expelling Pill[17]