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Bai Xiaochun is the main protagonist of A Will Eternal, chinese web novel.


At the start of the novel, he was seemingly thin and weak, but had a healthy, fair complexion, and an overall charming appearance. He wore an ordinary green robe that had apparently been washed so many times it was nearly worn through. Something about the way he was dressed, plus the innocent look in his eyes, made him seem exceptionally quick-witted.

During his stay at The Ovens, he gained quite a lot of weight, adopting the same body figure as the "Fatties" of The Ovens. However, he quickly lost weight once he joined the outer Sect.[1]

He grew permanently taller after reaching the mid Celestial realm.


Bai Xiaochun at first has a cowardly personality, so much so that he put off becoming an Immortal for three years just because he was afraid that the lightning that the incense conjured would strike and kill him. Even though he is a cultivator, he is a pacifist and tries to not fight as much as possible. His main pursuit in life is to live forever.[1]

Bai Xiaochun also has an obsessive personality; he tries to be a perfectionist. When he was learning the records of spirit creatures and plants, he would devote himself fully to memorize each volume one by one until he could remember everything, before attempting to advance a stage and pick up the next volume. When he concocts medicine he tends to forget about his surroundings, which leads to him not knowing of all the chaos he is causing.

However he has his principles and would rather die than abandon them. When his friends or loved ones are being threatened, he becomes a "steel veined" demon and even resorts to being ruthless towards himself if it means killing his enemies. During his first life or death battle, his companions were in trouble and he went into this type of 'zone' where he din't care for his own life or death, and didn't wake up until he had already killed everyone. After coming back to himself he started regretting his actions and shivering in fear.[2] Later on while they were being pursued by the companions of the people he just killed he chose to become the bait as he was faster and to allow his companions a chance to escape so they could notify the sect. He was so ruthless that in order to kill the last person, Chen Heng, he broke his own left arm just so he could use the broken bone as a knife to stab him in the neck, while also taking a blade to the chest.[3]

He also seems to be very annoying to other people, this could be seen when he decided to leave the village he was at, everyone was celebrating like they avoided a calamity.

He is also very shameless and loves to show off, but usually fails in doing so. This can be seen when he tried to announce that he was Little Turtle and nobody believed him or when he sacrificed his life for his companions and everyone thought he was dead and they held a funeral service for him and he ended up becoming the disciple of the Sect Master of the Spirit Stream Sect, for a period of time he went around the entire sect just so he could hear people call him 'Senior Uncle Bai'.[4] He only stopped when everyone avoided him to the point he would not meet anyone even after walking around all day.

Even as a Patriarch-level expert in the Heavenspan World (with a cultivation base of Nascent Soul, Deva or even Demigod), his shameless ways didn't change and he was still as boastful as before. He would take pride in tricking a Demigod while being a Core Formation junior, being the master of the (second generation) Hell-Emperor while at Nascent Soul, and patting the head of a Quasi-Celestial as a Deva.

Bai Xiaochun is a big pacifist, his dao is the dao of eternal life and he sees no point in fighting others while searching for immortality. Most of the time he will try to intervene and stop a war before it scales. This happened first when the Great Sects in the Downstream region of the Heavenspan Continent decided to wage war against each other. As Xiaochun was a disciple in both Spirit Stream Sect and Blood Stream Sect he didn't want them to fight and was able to stop them in the end. Later these two sects and the other two Great Sects from the Downstream region merged together and became the River-Defying Sect, with Xiaochun as one of the sect's Patriarchs (even though he was just a Foundation Establishment cultivator).

He is the type of person who tends to get used to new environments easily.[5] Bai Xiaochun is also a very quick learner, something that had benefited him a lot in his life. Whenever he encountered someone who was more outstanding than him in some way, he would imitate that facet of their personality or behavior.[6]



Bai Xiochun is from a small village that lay at the base of Mount Hood. Before his parents death they gave him an incense stick. In the past three years before the start of the story Bai Xiaochun lit the incense stick twelve times, but put it out because he was afraid of the lightning the incense conjured while lit. After witnessing his parents' death, Bai Xiaochun started pursuing immortality.

He is the inheritor of the full Undying Live-Forever Technique, thus receiving the title of Arch-Ancestor and ruling over the Arch-Emperor Dynasty of the Heavenspan World. After reaching the Eternal Continent, he joined the Sacred-Emperor Dynasty and later on became the Eternal Continent's Eleventh Celestial, titled Heavenspan King, as the first Celestial from the Heavenspan World.

After leaving the Sacred-Emperor Dynasty he officially created his own faction at the Eternal Continent. This faction became the home of most people that came from Heavenspan World, Heavenspan Continent's people and Wildlands' people alike. This faction was named Arch-Emperor Dynasty, as a reminder of the original name of the Heavenspan World (Arch-Emperor World), with him taking the title of Arch-Emperor.

Using the last remaining Immortal World will's approval, he became an Archaean in the ruined Starry Sky, and the third Archaean of Eternal Continent.


Book 1 I'm Bai Xiaochun

Bai Xiaochun decided to leave the village to become an Immortal. He made his way to Mount Hood to light the incense stick his parents left him to summon the Immortal. There he meet up with Li Qinghou, who brought him to Spirit Stream Sect and arranged for him to work in The Ovens. [1]

Initially disgruntled at having to be a cook for the sect, Bai Xiaochun was quickly convinced of the situation being otherwise. Every member of the Ovens traditionally carried around a wok with them, and he was instructed to do so as well. On heading to the storage room, Bai Xiaochun picked up the Mysterious Turtle Wok. Taught by his senior brother Fatties, he quickly learned how to embezzle resources meant for the Inner Sect, using these to cultivate. He himself suggested some opinions, which was even added to their Code.

Book 2 The Legend of Nightcrypt!

Book 3 Rise Of The River-Defying Sect!

Book 4 A different Kind of Hostage!

Book 5 The Peak Of Life!

Book 6 The Strongest Deva

Book 7 The Eternal Immortal Domains


  • "Having reached this point in his train of thought, Bai Xiaochun was convinced that he was the epitome of wisdom, intelligence and courage. He was so pleased that he started looking around for a copper mirror to admire himself in, only to discover that there were no mirrors in his immortal's cave." [7]
  • “You see, on the field of love, you have to know yourself, and know your enemy. Furthermore, you have to be willing to adapt. If you want to get her to fall in love with you, you first have to get on the good side of her friends and family. If they think you’re a good person, then you'll be a good person to her, even if you really aren’t!”[8]
  • "You see, I'm really good at picking up girls. So don’t hope that it works out for 'me', Fellow Daoist, hope that it works out for 'her'. After all, I’m the outstanding, attractive one. Yep. Sometimes I actually fall in love with myself.”[9]
  • " I am like a cloud in the sky, floating about effortlessly, ignoring the material world. The Dao of medicine is a path strewn with obstacles, so I must not fear. I just have to endure. That is the new me, a new Bai Xiaochun."
  • “Yeah, I did okay. Actually, I wasn’t even trying very hard.” Swishing his sleeve, he stuck his chin up and said, “You know I can reduce most things to ashes with the swish of a sleeve. It’s not the first time.”[10]


  • Love Saint Bai Xiaochun had received 37,931 love letters when in River-Defying Sect.
  • Bai Xiaochun is the first and currently only Er Gen-verse Main Character to fully reach and enter the 5th step at the end of his novel.
  • Other than death, the thing he feared most in life was ghosts.


  • I'm finished. Kaput.
  • Fudge!
  • Complete and utter bullying!
  • When I get pissed off, I frighten even myself!
  • Ai. I really am just too outstanding.
  • I, Bai Xiaochun, am a very kind-hearted person!
  • I'm just too honest and righteous...
  • You forced me to do this, I had no choice!
  • It’s not like I did it on purpose! What are they making such a big deal out of it for?
  • Why? Why am I so outstanding!?
  • Don’t you worry! I have a lot of experience with this kind of thing!
  • With the flick of a sleeve/ snap of a finger, I, Bai Xiaochun, reduced [---] to ashes...
  • A staring contest! I’m great at those!
  • Smart and good-looking, although not as much as me.
  • “It’s really you, [---]. It’s really you!! How did you get yourself in such a bad situation, [---]? I mean, I thought I had it bad, but obviously, you have it way worse than me.