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Bai Hao was a genius acknowledged by Bai Xiaochun himself, discovered the way to conjure Fifteen - colored flame.

Bai Hao was a bastard son of the Bai clan, killed because of his ability to conjure flame. Bai Xiaochun assumed his identity to infiltrate the clan.

He had achieved astonishing enlightenment of flame conjuring. In fact, his abilities in it far surpassed Bai Xiaochun’s."

His birth was unwanted and therefore his father and everyone else in the family beside his mother hated or ignored him.

His mother had been a servant girl with no position in the clan, whereas his father was the current clan chief. In a particularly violent and humiliating incident in which his mother had no control over her own body, Bai Hao was conceived, and became a bastard son of the Bai Clan.

He had a very low position from the moment he was born. Furthermore, it wasn’t long after he came into the world that his mother was killed.

His step-mother and half-brother hated him to the bone, making everyone in the clan despise him. His father turned a blind eye to all of this and refused to see the genius that Bai Hao is.

He later finds Bai Hao's soul and gave him a ghostly body. Then on, he and Bai Xiaochun went on adventures.

First disciple of Bai Xiaochun.

The successor of the Hell-Emperor.

Bai Hao eventually succeeded to the role of Hell Emperor in the Heavenspan World.

He used his own soul to conjure twenty-two-colored flame and saved Bai Xiaochun from Daoist Heavenspan.

His Second Death was in Chapter 1013.

A scrap of his discarnate soul managed to survive on a scar on Bai Xiaochun's hand.

He was later on resurrected by Bai Xiaochun, and granted a new body.(Chapter 1252)