Azure Dragon Society

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The Azure Dragon Society had started out relatively unknown in the north district of Sky City. Considering the impressive name for their organisation, one could well imagine the heroic aspirations of its founders.

In the hundred years since its founding, they had never grown beyond the small sphere of influence they had started out with on the very edge of the north district.

The headquarters of the Azure Dragon Society happened to be an immortal's cave, and not a spirit abode. It even had a courtyard with a fountain. Unfortunately, the courtyard was overrun with weeds, and the fountain had long since dried up, but the place was good enough for a small organisation like the Azure Dragon Society.

The Azure Dragon Society only had about thirty members, and made their living from protection fees and selling spirit medicines that the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect neither prohibited nor endorsed. Although they couldn’t count as being rich, they at least had it better off than average cultivators.

Over their hundred-year-history, eight of their number had already become yellow-robed disciples. The most successful of all was one of the original founders, who was now in the early Gold Core stage and lived in the rainbow district. For old times’ sake, and to keep the organisation going, he occasionally came back to offer some support and assistance. However, it wasn’t a simple thing to return to Sky City, so such visits were somewhat of a rarity.

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