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Above Mahayana, or Celestial, Realm is the Archaean Realm.

To reach Archaean Realm, a celestial's Daoseed must germinate and bloom, generating a Dao Will. This step is incredibly difficult and only two cultivators are known to have reached this level in the Eternal Lands, the two emperors behind the Vile-Dynasty and Saint-Dynasty.

According to Daoist Heavenspan, cultivators in this realm are rumored able to bring the dead back through unknown means. Later it is revealed that if a celestial subordinate dies in battle an archaean can resurrect them by using the deceased celestial's Daoseed.

Stages in the Archean Realm

  • Early
  • Middle
  • Late
  • Great Circle
  • Quasi-Sovereign


In the Eternal Lands, there are two Archaean Realm cultivators behind the two ruling Dynasties. They hold the highest amount of authority in the entire continent and have several celestials subordinates under their command.